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Ashley Ubiera – May 2023

TLDR: My husband didn’t think we needed a doula—now he demands we have one at every birth! 😆

My journey to meeting Cara was unconventional, but divinely orchestrated.

Baby girl decided to come on Christmas Eve, one of the 2 days of the year that my original doula was unavailable. I was nervous about the change as I knew nothing about Cara (other than her name) but the moment she jumped into action I was instantly at ease.

Cara has a quiet, calm, confident presence in the birthing room. I was determined to give birth as naturally as possible in the hospital and Cara’s expertise in pressure points, breathing strategies, and encouragement made that possible.

It is as though for those few hours of labor, she was inside my head, fully reading my body language to know exactly what I needed and doing everything possible to empower my body and mind to do what it was created to do.

Our precious 9 pound 9 oz baby was born on her due date without any medical intervention and I fully believe that is a gift from God given through Cara’s incredible support.

Thank you Cara for the way you poured yourself out to support us on that chilly Christmas Eve day! We love your heart and appreciate your God-given talent more than we can express!!