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Aunisti N. – Birth Nov 2023

Cara is the best!! If I ever have any more births I only want her to support me as my doula. She goes above and beyond for her clients and she ensures they feel very safe and empowered in their ability to give life to their babies and have the birthing experience that they desire. Cara does not make you feel like just another client; she takes the time to get to know you and understand your story and background. What works for you and what doesn’t. I feel very grateful to have met her and have her support me as I began my journey of motherhood.

I feared having to get epidural, pitocin, and the long term effects that I’ve witnessed and heard from epidural specifically. Cara helped me remember that I am in control of my labor and birth experience and that my body was made for this, so if I trust myself and practiced my exercises I will have a higher chance of having the labor and delivery that I desired for myself.

Cara never made me feel bad for doubting myself at the end of my labor, she never increased or induced my anxiety, she doesn’t judge, and during my contractions she stayed calm and helped ground me. She always affirmed to me that I was safe, loved, important, and strong enough to do what my body was made to do. Her being my moment of peace throughout my experience helped me to relax more and remember what we practiced so that I could allow my body do what it needed to help baby make her way into the world.

I would say the most unexpected perk was having someone who consistently wanted what I wanted for myself which was a positive labor and birth as a first time mom. Doulas are great for emotional support during pregnancy and birth. Every mother should have a doula help support them in every pregnancy. It should be law. Cara seemed very knowledgeable on everything and that gave me a sense of trust and security working with her. She’s also kind, generous, and fun to be around! She cares for low-income mamas and young mothers as well.

-Aunisti N