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I only have eyes for you! (cue background music)

As birth and postpartum doulas we get pulled in so many ways, having several clients with needs at the same time…when not expected can be a lot, especially when you throw in trying to still be present with your friends and family.  But mama, I promise you…when I am with you, I only have eyes […]

The Perfect Gift Part 5

postpartum doula Having postpartum support often gets over looked. Moms are expected to do everything they did before, and heal, and care for a new baby! They need to be loved and cared for just like that new little one. The goal of a postpartum doula is to “mother the mother”, allowing her the time […]

The Perfect Gift-Part 2

This one doesn’t need much explaination…especially if you have ever had a baby blowout a diaper and all of your necessities are in another room! If you had caddies, how many did you have?

The Perfect Gift-Part 1

I get asked a lot what to give mamas at their baby shower…and this is my personal go to!

Certified VBAC Doula

I’m grateful for walking a path that is ever changing, each mama with different needs that leads me down paths where I seek to know more how to better support them. These past few weeks I’ve immersed myself in learning how to better serve mamas who have had previous cesareans. I hope to help them […]