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Ky’ayre Jalen Amir – 11/30/23

🦕 Ky’ayre Jalen Amir 🦕

November 30, 2023

This little guy really wanted to keep us all on our toes! After several trips to the hospital thinking it was go time…he decided the day I left to go out of town was the perfect time to come! Although I was not there, I worked behind the scenes with my back up doula to get support to her…but not soon enough.

This mama rocked her birth and advocated for herself on all fronts! She didn’t want the epidural and even though they were pressuring her to get one, she stood her ground and birthed this boy!

Childbirth Education matters!! She showed up to all of the classes and listened, and asked more questions. When I finally was able to FaceTime her, her confidence was out of this world, knowing she took what she learned and was able to apply it, and have a positive birth experience!