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Leslie Williams – September 2023

My birth turned out so well. Everything pretty much went just as what I asked for, through prayer. Cara was amazing. I kept saying I can’t do this alone with my boyfriend! He’s supportive in some ways but not all. For example if I fell he’d help me up and say “it’s just a scratch”. Not my mom (she’s too soft), not my sister (she’s too difficult). I knew I couldn’t do it without someone who knows me but that could help me be strong and push myself. Without Cara.. Luca would have definitely entered this world a different way. She helped me be stronger and hopeful and she empowered me. I was able to do something that I never thought I could because of my condition (demyelinating neuropathy), since 9 years old when diagnosed. On a list of many other things, I was told that I should consider no pregnancies and if I happened to get pregnant, I was recommended two times by professionals that it wasn’t a good idea to carry… especially with my condition. 

At 13 weeks an OB physician told me that I’d most likely have to have a cesarean section, due to my cervix being too narrow. Luckily I was able to meet Cara through a group I joined. I literally called her for advice because I literally knew nothing about birth. Or the body to be honest. Like I couldn’t even fit my head around how babies make their way into this world. Let alone what the doctor meant when she said “you have a narrow cervix”. Like what does that mean for me? I was so afraid. I was already confused and then I heard C-section. She left the room and I just sobbed. I called my best friend straight away. In that moment I remembered Cara teaching us through the class that breathing is important. I had to pause and breathe or the crying wouldn’t stop. I just knew I had to call Cara, I knew she would be the person that could help me!

The most helpful part is having someone to support you. Someone who understands you. Respects you and considers every single need you may have. One reason why for me is I have never had someone that solely allowed me to have total control over something and she taught me that it is about me. It’s my body and it’s my baby and it’s my birth and I deserve to get what I want.

What was the most unexpected perk of having a doula?  To me I’d say having  constant reassurance that I CAN DO ANYTHING!

I’d recommend a doula to anyone! I would say doulas may not be for everyone so it’s up to the person. I think for sure people afraid or not so much educated in pregnancy or people afraid of being taken advantage of in the medical field. I’d recommend you because of the amazing birth you supported me through. You helped me in areas outside of my birth. Random texts/calls you were there for me! I could never forget how you made me feel. I couldn’t thank you enough. I am very grateful for you. I can’t wait to tell Luca about you too!

What part of doula care was most important to you?  Just being able to be me without any judgement. 

Why did you choose me to be your doula?  Well you chose me because I chose you for guidance and support. You stood out because your smile was warm and your voice was bright but calming.