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Lexie McKelvey-August 2023

Cara was such a beautiful gift in my birth story. She stepped into the trenches with me and brought peace to the room for both myself and my husband. Her genuine care and wisdom helped carry me through one of the most difficult hours I’ve endured. So thankful it was her who was alongside us as we brought our girl earthside.

What would you say was your biggest fear or worry about birth that led you to hire a doula? Did it play out as expected and how did having a doula help you work through that fear? With it being our first, my husband and I really wanted to have someone aside from doctors & nurses in the room with us that we trusted and we could lean on to help with decisions, situations, or just keeping me calm & focused throughout labor. Cara did all of those things and more!

What, specifically, was the most helpful part of doula support and why? Her wisdom and focus on leading me through the labor no matter what popped up.

What, specifically, was the most unexpected perk of having a doula? Most specifically–holding me through an unplanned epidural when my husband was unable & I could not stop shaking.

What part of doula care was most valuable to you? It is ALWAYS worth it. Even if you don’t think you want one, you won’t regret it. Cara in particular met me where I was at and I am so grateful for her strength when I felt weak.

God chose Cara for us due to circumstances, but I am convinced He brought her to us for a reason. Could not recommend her more!

**Thank you Lexie for trusting me even thought we were strangers when I walked into that room, but left friends!