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Madalina Motz – March 2023

Cara was such an instrumental part of my birth and the weeks leading up to it.

I heard about her from my chiropractor and am so glad I reached out to her. She is the kind of person you can click easily with, which is so important for a support person that will attend to you in some of your most vulnerable moments.

Cara is so knowledgeable about comfort measures, both physical and emotional/mental. She is also very professional and knows when to step in or give you space. She has given me valuable resources to help me navigate birth preferences and helped me feel empowered to stand up for myself and my choices in the hospital setting.

As many of us know, birth can be unpredictable, so when my dream of a natural water birth at a birth center was interrupted with a pre-eclampsia diagnosis and hospital transfer, Cara was there to help me process those emotions and helped me make the best of the situation.

She went above and beyond being there for me and my husband, and what I loved most was that she recognized that my husband is my first line of support, and so she made sure to show him how to comfort me during labor, rather than just do everything herself as he just stood by and watched.

When things got intense during labor, having her there talking me through contractions and helping to distract me was one of the things that kept me going and focusing on my goals.

Though no birth plan or story goes exactly according to plan, I believe I got as close as I could given my circumstances with Cara’s help and ended up with a positive hospital experience. I highly recommend having her support at your birth!