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Othniel Michael – October 2023

💙Othniel Michael💙

October 19, 2023

Earlier in the week I had declared this day to be a black out day. I was going to leave my computer in my car, and pretty much staying in bed or hanging out with my dog all day.

Well, Othniel had other plans! He was coming and before his EDD! I got a call at 6:30, and we all headed to Atlanta Birth Center, she wasn’t quite ready to stay so we headed to Whole Foods to get snacks and walk around. Things progressed quickly and headed back. Her labor was beautiful, and the love these two have for each other was so evident. And more importantly their loved for Jesus was even more so. They relied on God for strength and the presence of the Holy Spirit permeated the room. When Othniel finally made his entrance, their joy lit up the room.