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Welcome Baby Boy! April 9, 2024

Two births, one day…this little guy was planned to arrive by a cesarean birth a week later, but decided he was ready to come sooner!

We found out a few weeks earlier that he was breech, and we worked hard to encourage him to flip, but he was happy where he was. While I was with another client, I was also texting and chatting with this mama. We thought she was just having prodromal labor…until she went ahead to her OB and found that she was already contracting regularly and progressing pretty quickly. She was headed to the hospital to get fluids, more monitoring, and labor kept going! So she prepped her for a cesarean. I headed to the family as soon as I felt the current client was in a good place. I waited (and waited) answered the dad’s questions after baby was born about immediate care and sent him a copy of her birth plan. Once they were settled in their room, I helped dad bring up stuff from their car and visited for a little while to help process what all had gone down and help with latch if it was needed!