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Ezra – February 10 2024

welcome ezra February 10, 2024 The love and strength of these two were evident in the midst of a labor that had many ups and downs (as they often do). Great job Mama, Daddy, and birth team!

A little flashback…2019

2019-I showed up to a training not knowing what to expect and walked away knowing being a doula was my purpose. “Y’all. I can’t even begin to tell you how full my heart is. I know I’m a dreamer. And when those dreams get close they become so real. And the fact is I’m passionate […]

Tater Soup for the Soul

There’s not a lot that tater soup and cornbread don’t fix.  Grateful that I have a Moma and Daddy that live next door, so when I wake up from sleeping after attending a long, hard birth I can text and say… “Got home at 4 AM from a 40 hour birth. And woke up an […]

Aiden Joe – 1/4/24

aiden joe January 4, 2024 There are so many things I want to say about this mamas labor and sweet Aiden’s birth! Th short of it is…PROUD! She was told she needed an induction at 38 weeks, and after the shock we headed that way. I hung out with them for a few hours, went […]

Ky’ayre Jalen Amir – 11/30/23

Ky’ayre Jalen Amir November 30, 2023 This little guy really wanted to keep us all on our toes! After several trips to the hospital thinking it was go time…he decided the day I left to go out of town was the perfect time to come! Although I was not there, I worked behind the scenes […]

Solai Love Grace – 11/18/23

Solai Love Grace November 18, 2023 This mama. What a gal! We met late in her third trimester and I knew right away she was going to be special. She attended my childbirth classes with two other women, and soaked up everything there was to learn. We labored in her home, and headed to the […]

Jonathan Lee Lynch – 11/14/23

Welcome Jonathan Lee November 14, 2023 This mama, what a gal! She went in for an induction, and advocated for herself every step of the way. After all of the waiting, labor finally kicked off. She was creative in following what her body told her what to do with each contraction. Her hubs not one […]

Charlotte Grace – March 3, 2024

charlotte grace March 3, 2024 We had chatted early Friday morning about the possibility of being told an induction would be needed for gestational hypertension. All of the questions they could ask, how to advocate for herself and to listen to what her intuition was telling her. I got a text later that day that […]

Jettson Brady James – 1/4/24

Jettson Brady James January 4, 2024 What a whirlwind! This mama had been experiencing prodromal labor on and off for several days…she texted me at 10 pm, just 30 min after contractions started…and they were coming hard and fast! What she didn’t know was that I was already at the hospital with another mama! The […]

Othniel Michael – October 2023

Othniel Michael October 19, 2023 Earlier in the week I had declared this day to be a black out day. I was going to leave my computer in my car, and pretty much staying in bed or hanging out with my dog all day. Well, Othniel had other plans! He was coming and before his […]