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Daisy Roisin – 6/28/23

🌸 Daisy Roisin 🌸


3:16 am

7lb 6 oz

✨TW Infant Loss/Stillbirth✨

This post is approved and encouraged to be made by the mother, whom now I call friend.

Marinella found me through our chiropractor, and was planning on 2vba2c. She had found a provider that was willing to work with her, but knew she would need more emotional support and that’s where I came in.

Marinella messaged me on a Sunday morning concerned that she had not felt Daisy move and that she felt something was wrong. I advised that she go to the hospital where her provider was and call him immediately. I got a call a few hours later, there was no heart beat. Just a week before her estimated due date, 38+6. She chose to come home and I met her there. We cried and sat in silence, sometimes she talked and I listened. She decided the next day that she would go ahead with an induction.

I arrived shortly after her and got settled in the room, it was just going to be the two of us. The staff was kind. The OB, kinder than I anticipated. She was wanting to go unmedicated as long as possible, so that was our focus. Most of the night she slept through her contractions. So we were surprised she had progressed so quickly. She received a cervical block as her only pain medication an hour later she was ready to push, after 15 minutes of pushing Miss Daisy was here. The room was quiet. There were tears, and disbelief. It didn’t feel real. The nurses came in and dressed her in a vintage dress and pinafore. We spent some time holding and talking to Daisy. After staying with her for a while she urged me to go home and rest. I returned later that evening to stay with her, we woke the next morning her provider came in to discharge and check in on her and as he walked away he stated “Time is a great healer.“

It’s hard to find the words to talk about one of the most beautiful labors and births you’ve experienced that started and ended with loss and grief.

This post is approved and encouraged to be made by the mother.

TW Infant Loos/Stillbirth