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Elizabeth Spohn – June 2023

I had the privilege to first work with Elizabeth as postpartum doula with her second, and then again as her birth doula with her third!

Cara is a probably the most charismatic and loving person I have ever met! She literally bent over backwards helping me through not only my postpartum journey but also my prenatal journey when things were not going as I had “planned”. She is very knowledgeable and will research to find answers and meet needs specific to whatever a mama is going through. I couldn’t imagine making it through my transition to a mother of two-under-two and dealing with two of my greatest delivery fears without Cara. 10/10 would recommend this Doting Doula-May/2020

Editing because I had the privilege to work with Cara Ginnel AGAIN!

From the moment my interaction with Cara began, I knew her heart. She is a fierce servant and genuinely cares for not only babies but mamas too. She took the time to listen to my needs, wants, fears, and expectations before using that information to tailor my sessions with her to meet my birth experience dreams. She is so knowledgable about a variety of births and options mamas have within those births. She was not pushy, over-bearing or unsympathetic to what I wanted. She provided me with tools and information I used to advocate for myself with my provider. She gave me comfort and a listening ear. She was a voice of reason when my emotions were running wild. Her prenatal prep and coaching for birth, I believe, gave me a birthing experience I thought I might never have again and honestly better than I imagined it could be. I would 100% have Cara by my side for another pregnancy. And as if her prenatal and birthing support were not enough, her postpartum care was above expectations. She came and cooked her amazing biscuits for my family, checked on me and loved on my baby. She even typed up my entire birth story for me to have. You will not regret choosing Cara as your doula.

Thank you @portraitsofjoyphotography 💕 you were a complete rockstar!

I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth postpartum with her second and then again as a birth doula to help her achieve her VBAC with her third!