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I only have eyes for you! (cue background music)

As birth and postpartum doulas we get pulled in so many ways, having several clients with needs at the same time…when not expected can be a lot, especially when you throw in trying to still be present with your friends and family.  But mama, I promise you…when I am with you, I only have eyes […]

Othniel Michael – October 2023

Othniel Michael October 19, 2023 Earlier in the week I had declared this day to be a black out day. I was going to leave my computer in my car, and pretty much staying in bed or hanging out with my dog all day. Well, Othniel had other plans! He was coming and before his […]

Then 2022-Now 2023

Then and Now…. Being a part of Colleen and Maya’s life since the beginning. It’s has been one of my greatest joys to watch the two of you grow for the last year (and longer). Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your lives What I do isn’t just about about […]

Brooke Olive – September 2023

Brooke Olive 9/22/23 After a couple of weeks of prodromal labor off and on, Ms Brooke decided she would wait til the last minute and kickstart her entrance fast and hard. Contractions started at 2-3 minutes apart, so when I got to mama we decided to go to a closer hospital…well…after this vbac mama politely […]

The Perfect Gift Part 5

postpartum doula Having postpartum support often gets over looked. Moms are expected to do everything they did before, and heal, and care for a new baby! They need to be loved and cared for just like that new little one. The goal of a postpartum doula is to “mother the mother”, allowing her the time […]

Jessica Wesley – March 2023

“The amount of support I received from Cara was more than I ever expected. From our first visit until the middle of the night phone call to say I was in labor, she educated me on my options to ensure I had the birth I wanted. Her dedication to my plan and the comfort I […]

Luca Cherokee – September 12, 2023

Luca Cherokee September 12, 2023 This mama. Let me tell you! She went from being told at one of her first prenatals she wasn’t a candidate for vaginal birth, to advocating nonstop for herself! I am beyond proud of her and her journey to do something others thought was impossible. She made it to 9 […]